Money donated directly to the Foundation goes to one of three funds:
The Permanent Fund

Money in this fund is treated as a permanent endowment. In other words the capital from the contributions to this fund is never withdrawn. Only money from interest or appreciation of the original investment is used to support grants. The money available varies from year to year.

The money in this fund is directed toward programs prioritized by the Foundation including the annual large and small grant program.

The Consensus Fund

All monies in this fund are available for immediate grants. A portion of the reserves may be held for future growth; however, at the consensus of the Foundation's board, all available funds may be used.

The money in this fund is directed toward projects that may have a single large impact on the community. The Foundation determines the merit of these projects and the funds available to each project. Examples of these projects include Park Partners and the Potter Auditorium air conditioning project.

The Designated Fund

This fund provides donors the opportunity to designate where their contributions are used. Donors may choose to fund specific areas of interest such as scholarships, culture, health care, civic improvement or support, or youth or the arts. The Alice Manahan Nursing Scholarship is an example of a Designated Fund. Note: funds must meet certain criteria (must meet the requirements associated with non-profits, size limitations, etc.) prior to acceptance in the designated fund. We will work with donors to meet your needs.